Guide for Tree Planters in 2023

Heritage Reforestation

Heritage Reforestation (HRI) just published its 2023 guide to tree planting. It comes at the perfect time, as they are now in the process of hiring tree planters for the upcoming season.

2023 marks the company’s 27th year in business. With eight camps, Heritage Reforestation workers will soon be planting approximately 30 million trees throughout New Brunswick, Alberta, and Ontario. 

HRI’s Words for Season Success

HRI notes that planting success this season will rely on management staff giving the planters everything they require to meet their tree total, including:

  • Reliable equipment
  • Great communication
  • Supervisors with emotional intelligence. 

Experienced workers last season planted at least 300,000 trees each, and the company is hoping they will exceed these numbers during this season. 

But they’re more than aware that newbies will also be finding their feet. So, they created a guide to ensure that everyone can plant efficiently from the get-go. 

Quick Tips for New Tree Planters

Even though planting trees may sound easy, it’s a little more complicated than it would first seem. However, HRI has included three quick novice tips that will ensure that newbies can plant with high standards from day one: 

  • The tree pod (at the base) must be entirely under the soil. However, planters should take care not to submerge too much of the stem.
  • Ideally, it should not be submerged above two fingers from the top of the pod. 
  • Once planted, the tree should stand straight without leaning to one side or the other. 

Everything else planters need to know about the actual planting process will be taught out on the field. After all, the best way to learn is by doing. 

Heritage Reforestation

Season Preparation Tips

Heritage Reforestation Inc. stresses that the trick to having a successful tree planting season is preparation — which should start now!

Those looking to earn money by participating in this rewarding work should:

Break in Their Boots

HRI emphasizes that planters should purchase their boots well in advance and break them in before the season starts. Otherwise, they risk having very painful feet during the first week. 

Get in Shape

Planters spend roughly ten hours per day walking quickly while carrying weight.

Aspiring planters should make the effort to get in shape before the season starts. Strength training and cardio workouts are great of course, but one of the most efficient ways to get ready for the season is simply to start walking everywhere and wearing your boots while doing so. 

Eat Well

Healthy bodies need more than just exercise. On top of walking, planters should ensure their diet is nutritious. Vitamins, protein, and carbohydrates are particularly important. 

Read the Training Documents

Finally, planters should ensure they’re aware of the common protocols, conditions, and camp rules before they arrive. 

They can find the training materials for the upcoming season by logging in to their HUMI account or speaking to their crew boss. 

Final Words

Nothing can completely prepare planters for their first season, but HRI hopes that by reading through their tips and tricks, having a seasoned planter to mentor you, newbies will get off on the right foot and keep coming back for more. 

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