The Importance of Reforestation to Combat Climate Change

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Climate change is in the minds and hearts of just about everyone these days, as the headlines are constantly repeating warnings over and over. However, a ray of hope can be seen in the form of reforestation practices! The question is, what is the importance of reforestation in combating climate change?

Reforestation is the act of replanting trees in a given area, while climate change refers to the increasing overall temperature of the Earth. Many believe that carbon dioxide emissions polluting the atmosphere are what’s causing climate change, meaning reforestation efforts play a huge role in fighting global climate change, as trees trap carbon dioxide. 

In this article, Heritage Reforestation discusses the importance of reforestation in combatting climate change, as well as how individuals can contribute to reforestation efforts. We’ll also cover what corporations can do to support this effort. With so much to discuss, let’s get right into the answers to these questions!

What is the Importance of Reforestation to Combatting Climate Change

Reforestation is the process of planting trees in areas where they are not abundant, then tending to them to ensure they grow to a full height. But why would planting trees be important in the battle to protect the environment?

Rising temperatures occur because carbon dioxide emissions get trapped in the atmosphere, causing our planet to heat up at an alarming, destructive rate. Another reason this occurs is that humans emit more carbon dioxide while simultaneously utilizing cut trees in a variety of ways.

Trees are capable of trapping carbon dioxide for several generations, instead of letting it remain in the atmosphere. Therefore, planting trees to reduce carbon dioxide emission instead of tearing them down is of the utmost importance for combatting climate change.

What Individuals Can Do

Now that we’ve covered just how important reforestation is in fighting the dangers of the climate, the question is, what can we do as individuals? Taking action always starts with one, after all. Check below to see three tips on taking action as an individual.

Heritage Reforestation
  • Volunteer at a reforestation organization
  • Educate others about the importance of reforestation
  • Plant trees on your own property
  • Encourage neighbors around you to plant trees on their properties

What Corporations Can Do

Many corporations can make a big dent in the issue of climate change by participating in reforestation efforts. The question is, how? Read below to see what corporations can do in this massive effort:

  • Plant trees on their properties
  • Donate funds to reforestation organizations
  • Partner with other corporations to reforest areas

In Conclusion

To sum it all up, we’re all responsible for how we leave the planet. On both an individual and a corporate level, it is more than possible to combat climate change if we commit to reforestation. 

Reforestation is the process of planting trees, which is powerful when it comes to stopping climate change. Since trees trap the carbon dioxide that increases global atmospheric temperatures, our involvement in planting more is critical to the survival of our world.

If you have blocks of vacant land our government is helping to support individual property owners by providing funding for tree planting projects contact HRI to help with the project from funding to fruition:

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